Teams & Fixtures

Please contact one of our captains if you would like to participate
2018 Club Captains:
Barkston Ash Mixed –  A Team – Deb Lowe
Barkston Ash Mixed -  B Team – Caroline Harding
Ladies Leeds League  - 1st Team – Emma Scampton
Ladies Leeds League  - 2nd Team – Vicki Wilkinson
Ladies Leeds League  - 3rd Team – Vicki Wilkinson
Mens Leeds League  - A Team – Oliver Walsh
Mens Leeds League  - B Team – David Whittaker

Below is a link to the 2018 fixtures and events

Please note: Barkston Ash matches require 3 courts and Leeds League matches require 2 courts, so there may be limited availability on match days. Weekday matches commence at 6.30pm. Weekend matches commence at 10am                     

2018 Fixtures and Events