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Sunday morning practice

Below  is a link that will take you to the Doodle website to book yourself on  and let others know you are coming to the Sunday morning social from 8.30am onwards.

Click on the link below , put your name down and  save it. Your name will be displayed on the website to show if you can or cannot make it.

Sunday morning practice

Saturday morning men’s social

Below  is a link that will take you to the Doodle website to book yourself on  and let others know you are coming to the Saturday morning men’s social from 10am onwards.

Click on the link below , put your name down and  save it. Your name will be displayed on the website to show if you can or cannot make it.

Men’s Social Autumn 2018/2019

Useful Documents

1. Whitkirk Child protection policy

2. Whitkirk Risk_Assessment_26-10-2017

3.Privacy Policy  for Whitkirk Tennis Club









Social tennis

Social tennis has a very strong tradition at Whitkirk Tennis Club.

We have four very well attended sessions a week when you can play socially with other members.

Just turn up and mix in.Our club coach Cezar is on hand to help you out

This is a great way to get involved at the club, meet everyone and then decide if you are interested in some coaching, team or tournament play,

or if indeed you just want to continue playing socially as many of our members do.

Wednesday lunch time 12.30 am onwards – Golden Oldies

Wednesday nights 7pm onwards – Club night – Cezar on hands to help out

Saturday mornings 10am –  12.30pm – men’s tennis

Saturday afternoon 2pm onwards – Mixed social tennis.

Our juniors have an access to court number 5 at anytime to practice.

email :

mobile:  07976513536


Club Newsletter

Monthly newsletter to let you know what is happening at the club all year round.



Winter 2018 tennis programme

Hi all

Our tennis lessons go to the Autumn period and we are not sure about the weather forecast in December, I have decided to do November booking
is going to be on monthly basis ( 4 weeks) and in December pay as you play classes until Christmas break which for tennis is going to be 16/12/18
as I am on holiday break from 17/12.
We restart our normal class time table as from Monday the 5th.
If you would like to know how many free lessons you got left or payment for the class, please email or text me individually.
Can you all book the class in advance, I will know then how many space i got left for each class.
If you decided not to participate in Winter programme also please let me know.



The club open days for 2018 is Juniors on Friday 04/05/2018, General open day on Saturday 05/05/2018.

Very busy last few days to prepare club Junior and Adult Open day for the club.

Members did not let us down as the turn up on Friday and Saturday was very good despite the Tour the Yorkshire.

Saturday lots of people playing tennis , all 5 courts were occupied and waiting list were in place Neil and Paul in charge to make everyone happy and get enough tennis games.

Emma and Debb massive thanks for preparing the club house and display for us.

Then our old fashion bell was used to announce it is coup of tea time. All members moved to new Whitkirk Club extension for a meal and drinks in this beautiful english summer weather.



Congratulation to everybody who was involved in achieving  LTA  tennis mark accreditation at the club.

It took a long time but finally we  did it!

Venue Name: Whitkirk LTC
Registration No: YOR141
BTM Number: 104949017

Dear Club Secretary, 

Congratulations to you and everyone at Whitkirk LTC on achieving Tennismark accreditation through the LTA Registration process. Tennismark is a Sport England approved accreditation that recognises your venue as safe, welcoming and inclusive. 

You are now eligible to use the Tennismark logo to advertise your new accreditation. You may wish to use this on your website, social media pages, emails or other documentation. Please click here to download the logo. 

You will receive a welcome pack in the post within the next two weeks, which provides more details about your benefits package. If you have previously received a welcome pack as a result of completing LTA Registration, this pack will only include the parts of the pack relevant for venues that achieve Tennismark. If you are yet to receive this pack, the packs will be combined into one. 

If you have any questions please contact your Regional LTA Team or call a member of the British Tennis Services team on 020 8487 7000. 

Congratulations again and thanks for all you do for tennis in Britain 

British Tennis