Charter For FairPlay
Sports associations, clubs, officials, competitors, players and spectators are all representatives of their sport and must set a good example of FAIRPLAY. Whitkirk Tennis Club expects everybody connected with the tennis club to follow this charter.
PLAYERS should:
Abide by the rules and spirit of Tennis.
Never cheat nor attempt to gain an unfair advantage – if there is any doubt replay point(s) in dispute.
Accept success and failure, victory and defeat, with good grace.
Exercise self control at all times.
Treat opponents and team-mates with respect – before, during and after the event.
Dress in a manner appropriate to tennis – sportswear and tennis shoes please.
At home matches act as host – look after your visitors and treat them with courtesy.
At away matches remember you are a guest at another club – respect their hospitality and customs.
Never encroach on the other side of the net unless invited to do so.
When watching matches, just watch. You are not part of their game so don’t get involved.
Never use bad language, even when directed at yourself.
Never throw your racket, hit balls wildly or abuse any other equipment.
Above All Remember:
Tennis is a game and your opponents are part of that game. They are just as entitled to enjoy it as you are. Make sure your match is a pleasant experience for everybody.
That’s what sport is for.