Weekly Tennis Coaching Programme 2019:

Mini Red / Orange / Green introduction video


*Stage 1 – beginners who want to  learn how to play the game

*Stage 2 –  players who can hit a couple of balls and know how to score points

*Stage 3 – players who can rally and play a match scoring by themselves

*Stage 3 advanced  and squads – players who work physically and tactically to win points/matches

*Performance squad – players who play LTA tournaments on regular basis to improve rating and ranking.


2019 AUTUMN Weekly Tennis Coaching Classes 




Monday 5 to 6.30pm U16 Doubles Squad Session – invitation only


Monday 7.30 to 8.45pm U14 to U16 Transition Squad session




4 to 5.15pm 12 & U Squad – invitation only


5.15 to 6.30pm 14 and Under Squad – invitation only




5 to 5.45pm Mini Red / Orange stage 1 and 2 class




Thursday 5.30 to 6.30 pm Improvers stage 3 – Cezar




1. 5pm to 6pm Juniors Social age 10 to 13


2. 6pm to 7pm Junior social age 13 plus


3. Adults 7pm to 8pm Tennis Xpress






110am to 11am Mini Red stage 1 class


211am to 12 noon Mini Orange Class


3. 12noon to 1pm Intermediate advance doubles squad


4. 2pm to 3pm Mini Green class stage 3


5.2pm to 3pm Mini Green Performance Squad 


6.3pm to 4pm Adults Rusty Racquet / Tennis Xpress





1Sunday Mini Red stage 1


2. Sunday Mini Orange stage 1 and 2


3. Sunday Doubles Performance 16 U squad / invitation only